So I’m going to go ahead and just discuss the Superbowl ads, starting with Samsung. Ready. Set. Go!

There’s really not too much to say here to be honest (what a way to start, considering I just put enthusiasm into the get go). They want to leverage the Superbowl, and that’s it. The strategy if you will - if you can call it that.

The ad is extremely simple in nature, but still hilarious. As you may have guessed, they’re not allowed to speak of any ‘trademarked’ material. 

In my opinion, Seth and Paul are hilarious enough that there probably wasn’t a definite script - they just winged it. Ok, so ‘el plato supreme’ was probably conceptualized late one night by some creative who just ordered tacos, but the rest of it just feels improvised.

I love the boss character. I’ve seen him in Breaking Bad and (I think) he was the voice of Hades in Hercules, but that was a long time ago and memory fails to serve me. He reminds me of Will Arnett, who I think would have made an awesome substitue if given the role. What they both possess, as characters, is this manic personality, but are given complete control over the decision making process and basically should not be the advice giver, or taker for that matter. They just shouldn’t be there. I think you’ll understand what I mean if you’ve watched any 30 Rock episodes with Arnett as CEO of TBS - a brief stint.  

#Overall #a #great #ad #with #polished #wit. “Ok, we’ll use hashtags”